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PollenTec Rolls on back order till late Feb


The Clean Air Window Screen by PollenTec® is a one of a kind solution. Keeps pollen, dust, dirt & exhaust soot out of your home or business. Save ENERGY & have a cleaner house.

How does the Clean Air Window Screen (CAWS) work? CAWS is a patented polymer screen that filters pollen & dust particles out. Possessing special triboelectric properties, CAWS electrostatically pulls airborne particles out of the air, quietly and efficiently cleaning your home's air.
Lab Tested & Proven. Capable of filtering out even pollens, down to the micron level. Dust you can’t even see is kept out. Cleans your air quietly and efficiently without the added cost of electricity.
Easy to install, just replace your old screens. You can do it yourself or it`s very easy to locate a rescreening company in most any area to do it for you. Simple & Easy.

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Product Description

For millions of Americans that suffer from pollen & dust allergies, opening windows and patio doors and turning off air conditioners (saving energy and money) is only a dream. Now you can.

With the advanced technologies of the PollenTEC screen, enjoying the fresh air is now a reality. PollenTEC screens look very similar to normal screens but are designed with a unique filtering effect. Made of 100% precisely spun polyester that is then put through a proprietary coating process.

The combination of the spun polyester and coating attracts pollen spores like a magnet and traps them into the fine fibrous grid of the material. Visibility compared to regular screen material is approximately twenty percent less and airflow is reduced by roughly thirty percent.

Additional Information

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