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The PollenTec Eco Air Filter is the finest washable, reusable air filter on the market. Our Eco Air filters are made with PollenTec material that has been tested and certified in a hospital clean room setting by MD`s for its effectiveness in capturing up to 100% of airborne pollen spores. ThePollenTec Eco Air Filter, is a 1” width air filter and made with two layers of 1/2” dense Poly-Flo and one layer of PollenTec. A welded stainless steel internal frame gives it strong long lasting support. Our Eco air filter provides unsurpassed performance and durability. MERV rating of 8

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12″ W x 24` L, 14″ W x 20` L, 14″ W x 25` L, 14″ W x 42` L, 16″ W x 20` L, 16″ W x 25` L, 18″ W x 20` L, 18″ W x 25` L, 20″ W x 20` L, 20″ W x 24` L


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