Most Effective Air Filters On The Market


Eliminate pollen, dust, and pollution from your home, car, and office with Pollentec Air Filters.

Filter With Frame Carbon Layer

A single layer of PollenTec sewn to one layer of Poly-Flo, sandwiched with one layer of Carbon Sorb and placed in our patented frame system.

Out performs traditional pleated cabin filters. Eliminates pollutants down to the microscopic level. This filters` activated carbon layer eliminates harmful road fumes and unpleasant odors, particularly important for children and people suffering from allergies, suppressed immune systems and/or asthma.

PollenTec and Poly-Flo layers extend the life of the replaceable Carbon Sorb pad. Carbon pad should be replaced every 3-6 months for maximum health benefits. Carbon sorb pad is not washable.

Filter With Frame With Out Carbon Layer

A 100% washable filter comprised of a combination of two layers of PollenTec and a max one inch layer of Poly-Flo antimicrobial filtration material placed in our patented filter frame system.

Filters cabin air down to the microscopic level, eliminates cancer producing abraded tire dust, pollen, dust carrying bacteria and more.

Frame-less Filter

Our frame-less cabin filter is a great value, about as much as many paper filters. These filters are 100% washable comprised of a combination of two layers of PollenTec and a max 1” layer of Poly-Flo antimicrobial filtration material. With our convenient pull tab label, it`s easy to remove and clean.